Enter a fascinating world where present-day people and events are linked with those from the past and the future!  The author combined real scientific discovery with modern-day time/space theory...then added his own brand of imagination, knowledge and experience to the mix.  The results were three historic/sci-fi novels: 

We call the trilogy...


Readers have asked what motivated me, a retired N.Y.C. Marine Underwriter, to enter the world of novel writing?  “After all, it’s expected that old geezers will simply putter around their yard or… putter on the golf course.” commented a friend,  jokingly. 

Retirement has allowed more time to focus on interests near and dear to me for decades.  Among these are American Civil War history and military firearms of that period.  As our Civil War Centennial approached, public interest “boomed.”  In 1963 I joined, a group of men and women who shared these same interests. 

The North-South Skirmish Association is made up of many individual units.  Each unit takes on the name and uniform of historic units of the Union or the Confederate Armies.  We compete in target matches using original and replica Civil War period firearms.  The matches are called skirmishes and we competitors are called skirmishers.  Life-long friendships are forged during these friendly, competitive get-togethers.  Campfire chatter might cover any sorts of  historical fodder such as, how outcomes of a battle might been altered if some slight factor might have been different?  Even those who cared little for High School History courses found themselves drawn into these discussions.  As the years roll by, empty spaces around the campfires are silent reminders for us to cherish special moments and memories of lost friends. 

How might I preserve something of the camaraderie, color and sensations of skirmishing long after our campfires burned down and we resume our normal lives?  How might future folk, interested in history and what life might have been like in earlier times, share in the virtual time-jumping fun we had?   

While still surrounded with the sights and sounds of  musketry, the shouting voices and the pervasive aroma of black powder smoke at skirmishes, I decided that the time had come to satisfy a long-held desire.  I would try to capture it all in a book…the men and women with their common and differing desires and interests… the time-traveling bull sessions and good natured banter around the skirmish campfires.  Most of all…to imagine how we individuals might react when faced with possibilities never thought possible!  I had planned on writing just one novel but... due to the characters and their continuing adventures…there are now three!

We began with  For The Want Of A Musket.  Lost in time, a Civil War veteran on his way to a reunion with his old comrades-in arms, is attracted by voices and drawn to a campfire where there should be none.  The adventures that develop from that old man’s investigation will be memorable for all those who read of it. 

Next came Where Have All The Muskets Gone?   The grandson of a Civil War veteran born in the 1890s, is stranded in the 1940s.  He joins the U.S. Army to fight in WWII.  The legacy he leaves behind changes world history...and has been called "A fascinating flight of fancy."

The trilogy was brought to a close with the demise of two old Union and Confederate Veterans and their well-known friends help their younger followers to set free the people on another world in  Make Me A Musket!

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Jerry Sciortino Author For The Want of A Musket