Enter a fascinating world where present-day people and events are linked with those from the past and the future!  Jerry Sciortino combines scientific discoveries and history, then adds his own brand of imagination and experience.  The results are three Sci-Fi novels packed with time travel adventure, love and war.  

We call the trilogy:


For The Want of A Musket.  Our saga begins with a Confederate War veteran, riding to a reunion with old comrades-in arms.  Attracted by lights and voices where none should be, he climbs a hilltop covered with strange vehicles.  People of all ages laugh and talk around campfires.  He overhears one group speak about time travel and listens closely.  To them, it’s only fantasy…but to him; it’s reality!  Together, they pursue adventures and meet with loved ones from the past.

Where Have All The Muskets Gone? The highly-stressed grandson of a Civil War veteran becomes accidentally stranded in the 1940s.  His only hope of returning home lies in meeting up with his teen-aged “Gramps” from the past.  He join the U.S. Army to fight in WWII. His knowledge of earlier firearms aids in his saving of a French village from massacre by the Gestapo.  The book has been called "A fascinating flight of fancy."

Make Me A Musket!  A young woman, hoping to find her lost love, finds herself on another planet with two moons.  Before her is a bearded man clad in homespun cloth and animal skins.  He carries a stone knife slipped in his belt and a rock sling in his fist.  He looks the identical twin of her love…but nothing else in this world is like hers.  She helps him fight off a death squad.  She then enlists the aid of time-traveling friends to help his people to regain their freedom.

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Jerry Sciortino Author For The Want of A Musket